What fixed wing microlights are there?

If like me, you have been flying fixed wing microlights for a while you may be experiencing what I am calling ‘Ikarus tunnel vision’! Don’t get me wrong I flamin’ love the little plane and have absolutely no intention of stopping. However, if you go looking for fixed-wing microlights, our plucky little C42 kind of monopolises the limelight! So I went on a mission, to find as many types of fixed-wing microlights as I could. Once I had started my journey of 450kg beauties I was taken back by quite how many there and the variety.

Different types of fixed-wing microlights

Comco Ikarus C42

A robust machine that many of us know and love. Above is the A model and there are now both the B and C42 C versions too. The C version providing some advantages in aerodynamics and therefore economy and distance.

EV97 Eurostar

Nearly as popular as the C42 the Eurostar is a low-wing microlight built in the Czech Republic by Evektor. It has a 65-litre fuel tank, stalls at 35 knots and cruises at 108 knots.

Rans S6

Built by American company Rans, the Rans S6 is one of several different microlight models in the Rans family. Another microlight with the very reliable Rotax 912 with options for both the 80hp and 100hp. It cruises at 105 mph and has a dope and fabric covering.

Rans S4

Baby sister to the Rans S6 the S4 is the prelude to the S6 available in kit form. First designed in 1982 by Randy Schlitter because he wasn’t happy with ultralight options at the time. Not a common microlight from what I understand.


A very beautiful high-wing microlight the EuroFox is the European cousin of the American KitFox. It cruises at 90-95 knots and burns 13 litres an hour. It boasts an easy, single-handed wing fold system and can be fitted with the 80 or 100hp Rotax 912 engine.


Available in two models, the Swift and Nynja over 1,500 Swift models have been produced. With a maximum take-off distance on grass of 65m it has some excellent STOL properties.


A-22 Foxbat


Zephyr 2000




A beautiful looking low wing aeroplane, the Dynamic WT9 is also available as a kit and made by Aerospool in Slovakia. The microlight version has a 65-litre tank and boasts a 130-knot cruise speed.

Bristell Classic UL

Bristell have a selection of aircraft available including their Bristell Classic UL. Powered by various Rotax 912 variations this aircraft offers an ideal ‘cross country experience’ due to its larger cockpit space.

TL-Ultralight Stream

An exciting addition to the microlight line-up is the streamline, quick (160-knot cruise speed from a Rotax 912) and aptly named Stream. Promising to offer a ‘fighter jet’ experience the tandem seating arrangement is a rare one in the fixed-wing microlight world.

The Ranger ST Microlight

I have had the pleasure of enjoying (some may say enduring!) a 60-minute flight in a Tiger Moth. I loved it. I would also love to own a microlight bi-plane. Possibly a little nippy in the winter, but otherwise this looks like a fun little flyer. The Ranger ST cruises at 65 knots with a 93hp D MOTOR engine.

I’d love to make this list as exhaustive as possible! The ultimate library of all fixed-wing microlights! Let us know if there are any others we should add!

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